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Sameeha Rahman
Front End Developer at Switchd Ltd. | MSc in Computer Science @ QMUL (2022)


The theme’s footer had all its elements stacked one…

Colour-changing navigation bar

On the initial page load, the top navigation bar is transparent, as the full-page image header is has a dark background.

On page load

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

  1. Custom styles 🎀
  2. Images 🖼️
  3. Custom fonts 🗚

Step 1 — Prettify the UI

Going through my app, I was able to see a few things I wanted to change.

Error message with underline

Step 1 — The C in CRUD to Firestore

We’ll first start with adding functionality to the addTask() method. But first we need…

Step 1 — Setting up the Firebase console

But first step’s first, you need to create a project on the Firebase console. All you need is a Google account…

Step 1 — Change that look

Whoops! Little forgetful ole me! I didn’t change the app name on the home page… 😅😅😅

Wireframe of the app

  1. Set up an Ionic Project.
  2. Run it on your browser.

Hybrid Mobile Application — What are they?

Simply put, they are mobile apps created by the easier to learn languages; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The beauty of developing a hybrid mobile app is the fact that they can be…

Sameeha Rahman

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